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  • Sony A7S III - 10-bit video recording (up to 16 bit raw with an external recorder), 4K resolution up to 120 frames per second, 1080p up to 240 frames per second, unlimited record time, excellent autofocus, very compact size, in-body image stabilisation (perfect for handheld work.) 

  • Desview R7 Camera Monitor - 1080P resolution, 7-inch touch screen, custom LUTs, advanced exposure and focus assist tools. 

  • Feelworld F7 Camera Monitor - 1080P resolution 7-inch screen, advanced exposure and focus assist tools, lightweight. 



  • Samyang 16mm t2.2, 24mm t1.5, 35mm t1.5, 50mm t1.5,  and 85mm t1.5 (EF mount) - Fast apertures for shallow depth of field and better low light performance, excellent sharpness, focus and aperture teeth allowing for attaching a follow focus without the need for additional gears.

  • Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 (EF mount) - Fast apertures for shallow depth of field and better low light performance, long focal lengths allow for getting close-up shots from a long distance, versatile range of focal lengths. 

  • Canon 24mm f2.8 (EF mount) - Fast aperture for shallow depth of field and better low light performance, tiny size and weight allows for easy balancing on a gimbal, smooth and responsive autofocus motor.

  • Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 (E mount) - Fast aperture for shallow depth of field and better low light performance, versatile zoom range for close to medium range. 

  • Sigma MC-11 Adapter - Allows for all EF mount lenses to be used on E mount cameras, with full electronic functionality. 

  • Neutral Density Filters - These are essentially sunglasses for a camera! They reduce the amount of light hitting the lens, allowing for greater control of the image exposure than the camera's settings alone. 

  • Polarising Filters - These filters cut down reflected light, reducing the visibility of reflections on translucent surfaces such as glass and water. 

  • Diffusion filters - These filters give the image a soft, hazy look. They're perfect for giving the visuals a dreamy, or magical feel. 



  • Aputure COB 300D and Aputure COB 120DII - High light output, low power draw, mains and battery power, daylight colour temperature, small size, low heat output, dimmable, remote controlled, included bowens mount allows for a huge range of attachments and modifiers.

  • Spotlight - This attachment turns either light into a razor sharp spotlight. This can be used to light very precisely, and to use shaped gobos to project patterns and shapes.  

  • Softbox -This attachment allows for the light output to be softened while still having the fall of controlled. 

  • Fresnel lens - This attachment allows for the beam angle to be narrowed significantly, while softening the output somewhat. 

  • 500W Tungsten Fresnel Lamps (x3) - High light output, dimmable, tungsten colour temperature, feature barn doors allowing light output to be shaped. 

  • Aputure Amaran AL-HR672 LED panel - High light output relative to its size, adjustable colour temperature, dimmable, low heat output, mains and battery power, small size, optional softbox. 

  • Neewer small LED lights (x2) - Very small size, dimmable, battery powered, good light output, daylight colour temperature, optional softboxes.

  • Aputure MC - Very small size, dimmable, RGB (can produce any colour), programable lighting effects, magnetic. 

  • Miscellaneous stands, reflectors, and diffusion. 



  • Sennheiser 416 boom microphone - Highly directional, optional blimp and wind muffler for exterior shooting, excellent sound quality.

  • Tascam DR-40 recorder - 4 track audio recording, seperate channel mixers, 24 bit recording, internal microphones as well as XLR and 6.3mm jack inputs, phantom power, mic and line levels, low cut, dual level recording (2 gain levels at once from one source), limiter. 

  • Tascam DR-10L Lavalier microphones (x2) - Tiny and very discrete, included clip-on microphones, dual level recording (2 gain levels at once from one source), limiter

  • Boom pole and microphone stands.



  • Ronin S Gimbal - A hand-held stabiliser, that allows for smooth camera motion in any direction. This model has a 3.6KG maximum payload, allowing it to accommodate even small cinema cameras. The pan, tilt, and roll of the head can be controlled remotely with an app. 

  • Manfrotto 535 legs with 504 head - This tripod stands at just over 6ft at maximum extension, and just over 1ft at minimum. It has carbon fiber legs meaning it is both strong, and lightweight. The fluid head allows for smooth pans and tilts.  

  • Benro Aero 7 Travel Video Tripod - This tripod is reasonably low profile and lightweight. It can be converted into a monopod; the center column can be screwed into one of the legs to convert it. 

  • Amazonbasics 60 inches (x2) - These tripods are of plastic construction. They are small and very lightweight. Never the less they are stable, are can be adjusted precisely. 

  • Kamerar Fluid Motion Slider (31 inch) - Flywheel and belt allows for more control over speed, smooth push in / pull out / horizontal tracking, 



  • Smoke Machine - Using a smoke machine, then thinning the smoke out, allows for rays of light in the air to be visible on camera.

  • Crash Mat - My crash mat offers protection from falling. This is useful for shooting action sequences and stunts, as this will protect actors if they need to fall to the floor. 

  • Bestview T1 Teleprompter - A Teleprompter is a devicse that projects a scrolling script onto a two-way mirror in front of the camera lens, but the camera will not see the text. This allows for a speaker to read from a script whilst also maintaining eye contact with the viewer. 

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