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"Cody is a brilliant crew member, and is one of the best people to have on set with you: He achieves a very high standard of camera work through a strong blend of diligence, professionalism and skill - he knows his stuff and he's got a great eye! If I need to achieve a gold standard, Cody would be my first call." Fergus March, Producer/Director (BBC, SKY, ITV, VIACOM, UKTV)

"Cody is amazing at visualising shots and understanding story in order to express the emotional context of the scene through picture.  He was thrown into the deep end with very little instruction during the production of ‘The Time Clause’ where he emerged to prove himself an expert with the quality of the footage he produced and in his interaction with the cast and crew to cooperate with him and give him their very best performance.  You rarely find a DoP like Cody, who fits seamlessly in such a way that you don’t even realise that he is there, yet notice that your production is moving  steadily and smoothly as the day progresses.  The one word that describes Cody best is that he is a problem-solver. While I have worked with others who come to you with problems with lighting or set or equipment during the shoot, Cody is not only on top of his department in cinematography but also there to help out others to keep things on schedule. I am very happy to have worked with him and look forward to his collaboration in our future projects."  Naveen Saxen, Director of "The Time Clause"

"Cody has worked with us on a number of occasions, as a camera operator on our high-level production shoots for our corporate work, live music performances and also events where he has been responsible for filming and directing. As well a great deal of technical knowledge and creativity, Cody also has a very strong work-ethic and I've found him to be very dependable and committed which is a much needed and valued quality within a team. His attention to detail means the work he has produced has been excellent and I hope to do a lot more work with him in the future." Nick Price, Working Films.

"Working with Cody was a real pleasure, I felt that together we collaborated efficiently and creatively. It was my first film directing and so I often felt out of my depth, Cody helped me with suggestions and was very understanding. I absolutely love the way Cody has lit our film, I hope to work with him again in the future." Taro Bahar, Director of "Rise and Shine, Iris."

"Cody was the DP [Director of photography] on my web series "Thespianology" and from the outset he was an asset to the team. He was  keen to get involved from the planning stage, with suggestions and input regarding the script, locations and more. [He was] always providing expert advice and guidance on storyboards / shot lists that were invaluable to overall success of each shooting day. Cody has a great

 ability to adapt to any situation and a keen eye for a great shot. There were many occasions where his on-the-fly thinking helped us to improve scenes and improve the overall visual storytelling on shooting days. He is friendly, professional, always [arrives] early and his mix of technical expertise on camera equipment, lightning, sound and post production means that he is able to anticipate areas for consideration beyond simply capturing a great shot. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Cody will add value to any team and he is now the first person I call when considering any future projects."   Jeffrey Aidoo, Director of "Thespianology" 

"Cody is a hard working and motivated DOP who has a huge range of equipment, which he is continually upgrading. He is reliable, always on time and always seeking to get the best shot. I have worked with him on multiple weeklong shoots and day after day the quality of his work and his motivation level remain consistent.  He is highly motivated and driven by his love for filming. Cody is sensitive with ‘talent’ on shoots; he can alter his entire set up patiently and politely if things need to be changed last minute. He is also willing to take direction when working collaboratively. I highly recommend Cody as a DOP. His friendliness, motivation, reliability will ensure your shoot goes smoothly." Hannah Sweeny, Producer of "The Healing Hunter"

"Cody is a hardworking and talented director of photography capable 

Thespianology on street.jpg

"I worked with Cody, when he worked as Director of Photography on [our feature film] Remember Me. Cody is a singular talent, his visual eye is incredible, his framing and composition was nothing short of spectacular. A fantastic guy, Cody is a man you need on a set, professional and dedicated to the project, working with him was a genuine delight." Chris Jolley, Director of "Remember Me."

"I have been working with Cody for a year and he has proved to be not only reliable but very skilled and creative with his work. He has demonstrated great technique and expertise in video production and editing. He has always executed our briefs very well and makes recommendations when needed." Ronke Adeyemi, founder of brownbeautytalk​.

of meeting a directors needs whilst giving his own input." Kristian Fitsall, Director of  "Lavz - Long Day", "Katie Wood- Permanent Job", "Life of the Party", "Bobby Steak Knives", and "Show Me". 


"We’ve been working with Cody for a year now, and he’s how our go-to film production facility.  Cody has delivered incredibly well-produced films for us, and is diligent & reliable in his delivery." Christopher Quigley, Company Director of AMCO Security.

"Over the last few years, Cody has both directed and filmed all of my music videos and I can honestly say that he's a great person to work with! 

Due to his experience and knowledge of all things video, Cody is able to set up and capture great looking shots with ease. He also contributes with creative ideas in order to achieve the best visual outcome! 

During the times I've worked with Cody, I have seen first hand his professionalism and willingness to go that extra mile on set. 

I have and would recommend his services to others!" Ryan Price, singer of Pricey and dummer of GATE.

"Cody has directed and filmed both of our recent music videos and we couldn’t recommend him highly enough. 
The first video (a film noir tale of addiction which morphed into a techno colour 

143 _ BTS _ May 11th 2019 (143 of 149).j

dream sequence) was story boarded and directed by Cody with impeccable style and panache.
The second, a crazy green-screen dance routine was video-edited in such a way that surely must have the head-hunters from Pixar knocking on his door! Crazily talented, brimming with ideas, and a great guy to boot, Cody Leigh-Stannard is a name to remember!!!" Paul Cockerham, singer of Evil Edna.

"Paul from The Miller Test here! I strongly recommend Cody for all your music video needs. We’ve worked with Cody on four separate projects so far, and he’s been brilliant throughout the process every time, from initial ideas, through scripting and storyboarding, to recruiting crew and finding locations, to shooting and editing. 

I’m not the easiest person to work with sometimes; I have strong views on what I want, without necessarily the practical understanding of how to achieve it. It’s great to work with someone who responds creatively, collaboratively and practically to this challenge, not only as a skilled cinematographer and editor, but also as someone happy to work as hard as me to produce the goods." - Paul Miller, singer of The Miller Test

"While working with me on The Internet Sensation Show I was invariably impressed with Cody's technical proficiency and knowledge; he consistently filmed and lit the show beautifully and he would have an answer for any technical problem I could throw at him. The same goes for his post production work; when he edited for us, the quality of his work vastly exceeded that of other editors we'd had working on the show. He's highly communicative, and is organised with his time; I never had any trouble getting hold of him, and planning and organising shoots with him was always a smooth process. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in need of a videographer or editor."  Samuel Turner, Director and Producer of The Internet Sensation Show

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